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Really loved playing this! would love to know if there is an ending.

Glad you enjoyed it! I made this game so long ago, I don't remember if there's an ending! I think if you get past the "last" floor it just says "thanks for playing" :)

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I really want to play this but the game does not launch for me, I get a window with the title LOVE 0.10.1

The window is an animated screen with I presume your logo and the words "no game" under it.

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Sorry it's not working for you, Friend-chip. Which version are you using and which OS are you on?

On Windows, you should just be able to run the .exe file.

On Mac or Linux, you'll need to install Love2d from this website: Once you've installed Love on those OSes, you can check this section of this web page for instructions on how to run the game:

The short version is, if you're on Mac, you can drag the Dungeon Of Flowers .love file onto the Love application icon and it should run. On linux, you can run the love command with the path to the Dungeon of Flowers file as an argument, like this: 

love /home/path/to/

Hope this helps and thanks for your interest in the game :)

Thanks for your support :)

I  am running Windows 10 and have gotten it to launch by opening the file Dungeon of flowers manually. I am fully updated on the itch browser. Having it launch the game instead of Love would be nice. I'll post any more of my feedback on here. I'm enjoying it so far!


This is great. The feeling of fast keyboard-only movement and menu navigation is bringing me to a kind of muscle memory that I haven't used since The Magic Candle II, which is a super welcome throwback. The way you have to dance around enemies to get the drop on them is interesting, too---there's more strategy to it than it seems at first glance. Very cool!


Do I have permission to make a video about this game and put it up on my youtube channel?


Of course! Just make sure to put a link back to this page so your viewers can play, too.

If you post a link to the finished video, I'll be sure to share it on my social media as well :)

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Died a lot on 1.2, but playing 1.3 it's a lot better. Here are some problems I have been having though (Windows build, if it matters):

  • Info for Weapons shows "1d4 Damage" for example. I assume that's not correct? I don't play many games like this, maybe it means something.
  • Resizing the window with special effects on turns the entire screen black, unable to do anything from that point, had to close and restart (Just tested this again and things still work since I managed to navigate the menu and save, but it's just black when you go back to continue)
  • Enemies don't seem to be able to walk through doors even if they are open
  • Found this door
  • Also either screenshots with P don't work or I can't find where it saves them
  • And I just crashed moving into what I believe was the 6th Floor

Overall I had fun with it though, I look forward to playing future builds.

Side note, I don't like the camera in some situations. It can be a fairly large room and being able to only see the opposite corner of the room that I want to is frustrating. Hopefully that makes some sense, if not I'll try and draw an example for you.

Thanks for the bug reports, ayaya33! I'm glad you had fun, but sorry you encountered those bugs.

I'll try and fix them in the future.

Thanks again!

Okay! I've fixed the crash on the 6th floor and the resizing bug. Thanks for your bug reports.

I also tweaked the camera so you stay more in the center of the screen.

Also, 1d4 is a notation used in a lot of tabletop roleplaying games. It refers to multi-sided dice where the number before the 'd' is the number of dice to roll and the number after it is the number of sides each die should have. Therefore 1d4 means "one four-sided die" (which gives a value between 1 and 4).

Enemies not being able to walk through open doors is probably a bug, but we'll pretend that they're just really afraid of doors for now, how's that? :)

For the screenshots, open a File explorer and try typing %appdata%/LOVE/neilmakesgames-dungeon-of-flowers into the address bar and see if that takes you to a folder with the screenshots. (Note that it won't work on a bugged screen like the one you posted on imgur with all the errors.)

I had a feeling the "1d4" thing wasn't a bug, but just to be sure I mentioned it anyway, thanks for the explanation.

I found the %appdata%/LOVE/ folder but no neilmakesgames-dungeon-of-flowers folder is there. I'm using the downloader thing, maybe it moves it?

I'll have another play now and give more feedback if there is anything to note, thanks for the fast fixes!

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I bet it has to do with the itch app sandbox. I'll look into it. Thanks!

Edit: It looks like the itch app creates another Windows user for security, so maybe the screenshots are being saved in that user's folder: