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Good game.

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the video!

This reminds me a lot of Takeshi's Castle!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the kind words, PoofyGaming! Glad you enjoyed it :)

I really did! It's an aesthetically pleasing game, and I look forward to see more of you in the future

Amazing game! Keep up the work Neil! Did a small gameplay!

Angry Johnatan felt a bit out of place. It hinted like something was going to happen, but never did.
Aside from that, pretty good game!

Hey, thanks for the kind words!

Angry Jonathan was one of those things that was kind of cut for time because it took me forever to get rolling on this jam, but oh well!

Tight controls, UFO 50s palette and funny dialoge that are 5 stars. The only bad thing was that I didnt overstay its welcome with this length

Thanks for the kinds words, Kai! I would've loved to have a few more levels, but I'm very pleased with the level of polish I was able to achieve on the ones I managed to finish :)

Fun game! Volume controls might be nice, but beyond that it's short and sweet!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the comment, Linker!